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Gold Stars in March

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Congratulations to the first round of Gold Star participants who completed the pre-test survey and attended Courageous Conversations sessions on March 7 and March 21.

We're proud to announce that March Gold Star Winners include:

Jordan Abelson

Polly Allen

Donna Alvermann

Alan Berry

Caroline Budnick

Elayne Burke

Sue Ellen Christian

Paul Cook

Shawn Domgaard

Katie Dosch

Craig Evans

DeWolf Fulton

Laurie Gaddis

Phoebe Hall

Barbara Harrison

Barbara Holtzman

Cedric Huntley

Caroline Inlow

Anchal Jain

Colleen Kenyon

Wai-Sum Kung

Emily Le May

Jennifer Lima

Jessica Michelson

Jeffrey Perrone

Grace Pigozzi

Elyse Rhodes

Jennifer Romans

Tori Saia

David Sok

Fidelia Sok

Fran Sterling

Gregory Thompson

Cornelia Trahan

Sarah Trudeau

Bob Van Oosterhout

People who complete the survey and attend 2 Courageous Conversations receive a $50 gift certificate. By participating in additional sessions, you receive another $50 gift card certificate, and so on up to a maximum of $200. If you complete the program by taking the post-test, you will receive another $50 gift certificate.

We are offering a financial incentive because we value high levels of engagement with Courageous RI. We anticipate that the most active participants will have the most significant learning.


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