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Courageous Conversations

The Ripple Effect

The Media Education Lab supports people who want to offer a local, structured conversation series in either face-to-face or online formats.

Bring media literacy to your community as you examine the growing problem of violent extremism. Discover common ground as you explore practical strategies to reduce the hate that leads to violence. 


Be Courageous with Us!

Explore the list of discussion topics. You can develop a program for any target audience - in a school, library, church, workplace, or another community context. Who do you know who might be interested in collaborating with you? 


Participants who implement one discussion program (with a minimum of 6 participants) get a $50 stipend. For every subsequent session, each partner receives a $50 payment up to a maximum payment of $300. Participants will be formally recognized at a culminating in-person ceremony in spring 2024.

How to Ripple

How to Ripple


Learn About Courageous Conversations 

Watch this video to get an overview of the process and review the materials that we provide below.

Get Started

Get Started


Watch the video to learn more about Courageous Conversations and the Ripple Effect


Read the Courageous Conversations Planning Guide to get an overview of the process from start to finish


Check out the Padlet Wall to start interacting with potential partners so you can deploy the magic we call the Power of Two


Use the one-page planning tool to brainstorm and imagine many different possibilities as part of your creative planning process 


Review the Courageous RI Graphic Design Guidelines as you develop marketing materials for your event 

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Get it Done

Get it Done

Get coaching -- and then complete 2 forms to register your event and receive your financial incentive

Meet with a coach to talk through your plans and get feedback. 

     Schedule time with Pam Steager

     Schedule time with Renee Hobbs

Click here to document your event and tell us what happened

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