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About us

COURAGEOUS RI is a media literacy program to reduce the hate that leads to violence by building a coalition of empowered people who recognize, analyze, and resist harmful forms of expression and communication. The program is an initiative of the Media Education Lab, whose mission is to improve the practice of digital and media literacy education through scholarship and community service.

The University of Rhode Island received a grant for COURAGEOUS RI from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships, opportunity number DHS-22-TTP-132-00-01.


Join Our Coalition

A motivated coalition of Rhode Islanders can step beyond an us-vs-them mentality, work to develop a common understanding of pressing social problems, share the skills to critically analyze media messages, defuse hate, and prevent extremist violence.

Is your organization ready to join our coalition?


Contact Pam for more information: 

Rhode Island Civic Learning Coalition

Rhode Island Department of Public Health

Rhode Island Secretary of State

Rhode Island National Guard

Rhode Island Council for the Humanities

Rhode Island Fusion Center

Rhode Island School Superintendents Association

Rhode Island Department of Education

Rhode Island Public Broadcasting

Unitarian Universalists of South County

Bethel AME Ministers Alliance

Moms Demand 

Jewish Community 


RI Commission on Prejudice and Bias

Team Members

Jewish Community 

U.S. Attorney's Office

Providence Student Union

Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

Rhode Island Civic Readiness Task Force

Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence

University of Rhode Island 

Rhode Island State Police

Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Angels RI

Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy

Team Members

Renee Hobbs
Pam Steager.png
Pam Steager
Catherine Morris
Yamaya Jean
Julianna Soscia
Dawens Northecide
Boris Hrncic
Small Group Courageous

Small Group Discussion


Catherine Morris and Yamaya Jean

Julianna Soscia and Dawens Northecide

Elizaveta Friesem and Nancy Richman

Betty Finn and Rachel Balaban

Colleen Kenyon and Tori Saia

Charles Hensey and Lee Clasper-Torch

Jess Michelson and Pat Jaehnig

Shawn Domgaard and Karen Markin

Mary Moen and Shane Lee

Gold Star Members

Gold Star Members

Jordan Abelson

Polly Allen

Donna Alvermann

Alan Berry

Caroline Budnick

Elayne Burke

Sue Ellen Christian

Paul Cook

Shawn Domgaard

Katie Dosch

Craig Evans

DeWolf Fulton

Laurie Gaddis

Phoebe Hall

Barbara Harrison

Barbara Holtzman

Cedric Huntley

Caroline Inlow

Anchal Jain

Colleen Kenyon

Wai-Sum Kung

Emily Le May

Jennifer Lima

Jessica Michelson

Jeffrey Perrone

Grace Pigozzi

Elyse Rhodes

Jennifer Romans

Tori Saia

David Sok

Fidelia Sok

Fran Sterling

Gregory Thompson

Cornelia Trahan

Sarah Trudeau

Bob Van Oosterhout

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