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From back-to-back deadly shootings to the disturbing rise of antisemitism, racism, and censorship, hate is fueling violence, polarization, and division.


Conversation, connection, and community building can be the antidote, and that’s what we hope to achieve through COURAGEOUS RI.  

The Courageous Journey

COURAGEOUS RI is a three-part initiative over two years, during which time we will aim to reduce the hate that leads to violence by building a coalition of empowered people who recognize, analyze, and resist harmful forms of expression and communication. That coalition will be built through: 


  1. Courageous Conversations: Community dialogues that bring people together to advance media literacy and deep listening.

  2. Professional Development Program: Lesson plans and a supportive online community for educators who help students apply media literacy competencies in civic education.

  3. Youth Media ContestA youth multimedia contest that offers prizes to high school and college students for their creative and inspiring media messages. 

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Gold Star Progam

Leadership Incentives 

Courageous Rhode Island includes 4 programs designed to develop leadership in the use of media literacy and active listening strategies as a "whole-of-society" method to prevent the fear and hate that leads to violence.  

The Ripple Effect 

You can replicate a Courageous Conversations program for a school, library, church, workplace, or another community context. Participants who implement one discussion program get a $50 stipend and receive $50 for every subsequent session, up to a maximum payment of $300. 

Community Bloggers 

Write a blog post about a topic or issue relevant to Courageous Conversations. If your work is accepted for publication, you will receive a $250 stipend. 

Courageous Rhode Island Professional Development Program

We select 50 middle school, high school, or college educators to participate in a 10-hour online PD program (consisting of 6 one-hour online programs plus independent reading, viewing and other work. Participants  receive a $500 stipend and are expected to implement at least 1 learning activity with their students. 

Courageous Youth Voice Student Media Contest

Courageous Youth Voice is a student media contest that awards $7,000 in prizes, including a $1,000 grade prize award.

Gold Star Progam

Courageous Conversations
Gold Star Program 

Program Description 

Courageous Conversations RI offers an online discussion series that is free and open to the public. There are 10 virtual events that are 60 minutes long and participants freely choose which sessions to attend. 

Research Incentive

We offer a financial incentive because we value your engagement with Courageous RI and expect that the most active participants will have opportunities to play a leadership role in future programs. If you complete the survey and attend 2 Courageous Conversations, you will receive a $50 gift certificate. If you participate in 2 additional sessions, you receive another $50 gift card certificate, and so on up to a maximum of $200. If you complete the program by taking the post-test, you will receive another $50 gift certificate. You must complete pre- and post-test surveys to receive the stipend.

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