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Courageous Rhode Island

Youth Media Contest

Calling All Creators! 

Unleash Your Voice with the Courageous Rhode Island Youth Media Contest!


Are you ready to be creative and courageous? The CRI Youth Media Contest is your platform to shine!


What is the CRI Youth Media Contest? 

CRI’s Youth Media Contest celebrates youth creativity and active citizenship. We're giving away 16 awesome prizes, including a $1,000 grand prize! It's your chance to be recognized and rewarded for your talent and creativity.


Who Can Participate?

Middle school, high school, and college students from Rhode Island get first dibs, but don't worry if you're from somewhere else – you're invited too! Whether you're working on a school project, part of an after-school program, or just creating on your own, the Youth Media Contest is open to you.


Themes That Ignite Your Imagination

The heart of the Youth Media Contest revolves around Courageous Rhode Island’s mission to:

  • Foster community conversations 

  • Counter disinformation

  • Enhance civic participation

  • Improve media literacy 

  • Prevent the hate that leads to violence


These themes focus on the power of media literacy and active listening in sparking intellectual curiosity and respect for diversity. We are excited to hear how you might tackle issues like propaganda, hate speech, and racial violence.

Show Us What You've Got

The creative possibilities are endless! You can submit your work in the following formats:

  • Vertical videos (informative, entertaining, persuasive – tell your story)

  • Images (photos, memes, digital posters – let your creativity soar)

  • Audio (original music, spoken word, podcasts – make some noise)

  • Writing (news stories, op-eds, poetry, short stories – let your words flow)


Save the Dates

Get your creative juices flowing because the contest kicks off on January 15, 2024, and you have until May 15, 2024, to submit your masterpiece. Mark those dates on your calendar now!


Win Big!

A panel of cool judges, including media professionals, community leaders, and educators from Rhode Island, will be awarding a total of $7,000 in prizes. The top prize is a whopping $1,000 cash reward! Plus, you and your awesome teachers will be recognized at an in-person ceremony in spring 2024. And guess what? There's also an audience award up for grabs, and it's all decided by online votes!


Rules & Terms – Super Simple

When you submit your work, make sure to include:

  • Your name and school info

  • Your teacher or program leader's name (if you have one)

  • Your email address

  • A 300-400 word artist statement explaining what your work is all about and how it connects to the CRI themes. 

  • A list of any copyrighted stuff you used

  • Permission forms if your work features kids under 18


Submission Tips

  • Keep videos and audio under 4 minutes.

  • Written pieces should stay within 1000 words.


Copyright and Permissions – Keep it Creative!

We love your creative spirit! You can use copyrighted stuff as long as it's for education, creativity, or information (and you’re not passing others’ work off as your own). Just make sure to list what you used in your application.


Ready to be a part of CRI’s Youth Media Contest and make your voice heard? It's your time to make your mark and show the world what you've got!



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