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Feature in the Providence Eye

Courageous RI: Teaching Us to Talk (And Listen) To One Another

March 6, 2024

Pam Steager's article in the Providence Eye describes the past and present efforts of Courageous RI to reduce the hate that leads to violence through active listening and media literacy education.

Read on the Providence Eye's website:

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IDT Jaipur
IDT Jaipur
25 juin
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IDT Jaipur commends the insightful article "Feature in the Providence Eye" for its thorough exploration of contemporary design trends. The piece brilliantly captures the intersection of tradition and innovation, highlighting how modern designers can draw inspiration from the past to create future-forward works. Such thoughtful analysis not only enriches the discourse in the design community but also inspires institutions like ours to continually evolve and push the boundaries of creativity and excellence.


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