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Courageous RI Ripples Reach Brazil

Hip hip hooray, we’re rippling away! On August 26th, the first Courageous RI Ripple Effect event was provided to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) educators in an in-person seminar at the Cultural Association - Brazil -USA in Juiz de Fora, Brazil.

Thais Motta, who attended four Courageous Conversations, hosted the Preventing Violent Extremism session using the slides and other materials provided on the Courageous RI website.

Thais had previously been introduced to media literacy in 2020 through an online course given by EducaMidia, an organization with close ties to the Media Education Lab.

As required to understand the impact of this session, Thais conducted two self-report surveys, one before and one after the session. They showed an increase in knowledge about preventing violent extremism. About the experience, Thais said “I felt both excited and glad to be part of the ripple effect. It was a great moment in which everyone could share a bit about their thoughts and experiences. I was confident during the talk and I would like to present more workshops for students, teachers, and academic coordinators in the future.” We’d like you to, too, Thais. Keep those ripples flowing!

Thais is currently attending the Courageous RI Professional Development program for educators, and we’re thrilled to know she’ll be sharing even more of that curriculum with her students. Thais is now in Austria working on a Masters Degree in Digital Communication Leadership and has already mentioned Courageous RI there. What a rippler!

What about you? Have you been rippling in small ways by sharing what you learned in Courageous Conversations, or planning a Ripple Effect event? We can’t wait to hear about the Ripple Effect events currently being planned for this Fall, Winter, and Spring across Rhode Island, the country, and the world. We are countering the hate that can lead to violence through media literacy, deep and respectful listening, acts of kindness and compassion, and community engagement.

We’re so proud of the courageous coalition of empowered people who are learning how to recognize, analyze, and resist harmful forms of expression and communication. Together we can help prevent extremist violence.


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