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Courageous Rhode Island

Youth Media Contest

Who is eligible to submit?

Middle school, high school, and college students from across Rhode Island and all around the U.S. and the world are eligible to participate. Youth can develop projects as part of an in-class assignment, an after-school program, or by working independently.

When are submissions due? 

Submissions open January 15, 2024 and close May 15, 2024.


What type of media can be submitted?

Youth may submit work in a variety of media formats, including:


  • Videos (information, entertainment, or persuasion)

  • Images (photographs, memes, digital posters, and more)

  • Audio media (original music, spoken word, podcasts)

  • Writing (news stories, op-eds, poetry, short stories)

How are projects submitted? 

Projects are submitted via the Youth Media Contest's page on Film Freeway. A detailed informational video with step-by-instructions for submission can be found here.


What other materials are required for the submission?

Submissions should include:

  • Youth creators' names and institutional affiliations

  • Teacher or program leader's name and affiliation (if applicable)

  • Email addresses

  • A list of any copyrighted material used (if applicable)

  • An explanation of the specific use of AI (in the artist statement, if applicable)

  • Permission forms for submissions featuring children under 18 (if applicable)





How long can projects be? 

  • Video and audio submissions must be under 4 minutes.

  • Written submissions should not exceed 1,000 words.


Can youth work in groups to create their projects?

Yes. Youth may work either individually or collaborate with others.

Can the same students submit multiple projects?

Yes. Youth may submit more than one project.

Who will youth be competing against? 

Youth will be competing against other youth with their same level of education. 

Who will judge the submissions?

The contest will be judged by judged by a panel of 20 community leaders, educators, and media professionals from Rhode Island. There will also be an audience award determined by online votes.

How will submissions be evaluated?

Submissions will be evaluated in each of the four submission formats (video, audio, graphic design/photography, print) based on the following criteria:

  • Content Relevance & Intent (20pts): Does the video align with the contest themes, and does the artist statement effectively explain this connection?

  • Creativity, Originality & Conceptualization (20pts): How original and creative is the video, and how well does the artist statement describe the creative process?

  • Technical Quality & Execution (20pts): Are the technical aspects of the video well-executed?

  • Message Clarity & Effectiveness (20pts): How clear and effective is the video's message? 

  • Effort & Reflection (20pts): Do the video and the artist statement demonstrate sincere effort and critical reflection? 


Can submissions include copyrighted material? 

Yes. Submissions may include copyrighted material IF the youth creators transform them to create new meanings AND they provide a list of copyrighted materials with the submission.

Can submissions make use of generative AI tools (including ChatGPT, AI image generators, etc.)? 

Yes. Submissions can make use generative AI tools. Youth that use AI to create their projects will be required to provide an explanation in their artist statement of how these tools were used.

What permissions are required for photos/video of children under the age of 18? 

If projects include photos/video of children under the age of 18, students are required to provide parental permission forms for each child. 

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