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Educator Program

Education Programs

You can prevent violent extremism using the power of media literacy, active listening, and dialogue and discussion. Download the PDF brochure to learn more about our Education Programs. 

Fall 2023

Professional Development

Gain knowledge about how to integrate media literacy and active listening into your curriculum and work with a partner to develop teaching and learning ideas, resources, and assignments in a professional learning community.

Courageous Conversations

The Ripple Effect 

Educators, librarians, or community members offer students, library patrons, or local residents the opportunity to participate in a structured series of Courageous Conversations discussion forums in either face-to-face or online formats.

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Create to Learn

Student Media Contest

Middle school, high school, and college students create media to share their perspectives on solutions to reduce the fear and the hate that leads to violence. $7,000 in prizes will be awarded. 


Invite Us to Speak to Your Group

Invite us to offer a Courageous Conversation program or workshop to your community  

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