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The Ripple Effect

Be a "do-er" and exercise your leadership in media literacy for violence prevention by hosting a Courageous Conversation in your school, club, group, library, workplace, or community. Learn more about how your "ripple" can prevent violent extremism through active listening, media literacy, small acts of kindness, and community engagement. 

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How can you help to counteract violent extremism

using the power of media literacy, active listening, and dialogue and discussion?

Active Listening

Media Literacy


Community Engagement

Learn about the power of whole-of-society approaches to social change and discuss:

  • How can you use active listening to increase people’s feelings of belonging? 

  • How can you exercise your own media literacy skills while helping others? 

  • Who can you partner with for dialogue and discussion? 

  • What small acts of kindness can you do to help reduce fear and restore trust?

Discussion Support Tools 
Bring this discussion program to your school or community


🍎 Slide Deck. Learn about the power of whole-of-society approaches to social change and the role of media literacy in advancing students' civic literacy competencies.

❤️ Video Summary.  Learn what you can do to amplify messages that reduce the hate that leads to violence through "the ripple effect."

Planning GuideEverything you need to offer a Courageous Conversation in your community. 

For Educators  
Address RI state standards with curated curriculum resources 

"A civic ready student has a strong knowledge of history, democratic processes, citizens’ rights and responsibilities, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and is empowered to actively advocate and participate in their community. They value diverse opinions leading to a culturally diverse and informed community."

📌 Creative Expression Ideas. Engaging ideas for project-based learning and simple media production.

Listen In 

What You Can Do

Keep Learning

Facilitator Guide

Read the Courageous Conversations Facilitator Guide to get an overview of the process from start to finish

Learn More about Preventing Youth Radicalization

From the Southern Poverty Law Center, this comprehensive guide includes practical strategies for parents, educators, coaches, and mental health professionals and offers community- and victim-centered strategies to address the threat of extremism through early prevention. 

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