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Music as a Tool for Positivity

Welcome to Episode 13 of the Courageous RI podcast, the show that finds common ground, builds media literacy skills, and encourages curiosity, for the people of Rhode Island. 

In this episode, our host Yamaya Jean talks to Carlton Solomon, otherwise known as the Great Doc P, who is the founder and co-producer of SM Enlightenment Radio Station. He talks about the impact that media consumption can have on our mindsets, the importance of being intentional with our media consumption, and characteristics of impactful audio storytelling from the perspective of a judge with Courageous Rhode Island’s youth media contest.

Learn more about the Youth Media Contest! Middle school, high school, and college students from across Rhode Island, the nation, and the world are welcome to participate. The Youth Media Contest accepts creative work in print, graphic design, video, or audio formats. 


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