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Courageous Community

Courageous RI aims to reduce the

fear and hate that leads to violence

Write a Blog Post for Courageous RI

Why Should You Write a Blog Post About the Topics and Issues Explored in Courageous Conversations? One of the main goals of Courageous Conversations is to find common ground by activating media literacy and active listening skills. We’ve learned a lot through the dialogue of Courageous Conversations, but we think there’s more to learn from each other by sharing insights from the people of Rhode Island and their diverse perspectives. Here's how you can contribute!

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Guidelines for Composing a Blog Post

What is a blog post? A blog post is opinion-based and conversationally written text. Blog posts often include relevant stories in an attempt to be both informative and engaging. 


What topics can a Courageous RI blog post discuss? We’d love to hear your perspective on topics  that are most relevant to Courageous RI. This might include (but is not limited to!) polarization, targeted violence, domestic terrorism, propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, media literacy… and more!  These are some of our main, broad topics, but we also want to represent community interests. What are your ideas? 


What are the key elements of a blog post? We are looking for blog posts that are around 300-500 words. This is just long enough to get the point across without overwhelming (or intimidating) readers. The first paragraph should be both attention-getting and a preview of what’s to come. Usually, a blog writer establishes an argument, a question, or a point to be made, early on. A readable blog post is broken up into small sections with small paragraphs to create bitesize chunks. When you reference websites, research, or other resources, link your readers to your sources using in-text hyperlinks. A successful blog post also ends with a summary of key takeaways and a  call-to-action; in other words, “now what?” 

Getting Involved

How can I contribute a blog post? We are accepting proposals for blog posts! Use this google form to submit an idea for a blog post. Our team will review your ideas and invite potential authors to write and publish. 

What can I expect from this experience? If your proposal is accepted, we’ll contact you about further developing and writing your idea. Once your piece is published on our website, you will receive a $250 stipend. We may also repurpose your work, with credit to you, as an op-ed in a local publication!

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