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Using media literacy and active listening to reduce the fear and hate that leads to violence 

Find Common Ground

Courageous RI, with support from the Department of Homeland Security, works to prevent rising violence and extremism in Rhode Island with authentic and respectful conversation. 


Build Media Literacy Skills for a Lifetime

By engaging with Courageous RI Journey, you will access practical tools and support that increase tolerance, problem solving, and appreciation of other points of view. We help people to ask the right questions and empower them to be more informed.


Stay Curious, Not Furious

Thinking critically about what we hear, read, and see is important for Rhode Islanders of every background, across the political spectrum. It is an ongoing process of listening, learning, and reflecting that has the power to stop hate in our communities.


Youth Media Contest

DATE: June 27, 2024
TIME: 5:00 - 7:00 pm  
LOCATION: Rhode Island PBS Studios

Be Courageous
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